Monster carer assaulted me aged 11 in motels after preying on me at kids’ home

A WOMAN has revealed how a "wicked" carer sent her twisted love letters and indecently assaulted in her motels when she was just 11 after preying on her at a children's home. Evil Paul Setchfield lavished gifts on terrified Roxanne and told her he wanted to marry her in a sickening five year campaign of abuse. She has now bravely waived her anonymity to reveal the horrific assault she suffered while living at St Leonard's Children's Home in Essex.

Sister raped by paedo uncle aged 13 tells him to ‘rot in hell’ after discovering he also abused sibling aged 10

A SISTER has revealed her agony after discovering her depraved rapist uncle had also been sexually assaulting her younger sister from the age of ten. Twisted Neil Bancroft, 75, played sickening sex games with Lilly when she was just 13 and sent her vile messages calling her "gorgeous" and "sexy". But in a chilling twist, the teenager, now 19, discovered years later the fiend had been abusing her younger sister Emily after she broke down in tears and opened up. I worked with Lilly and Emily to share their harrowing story with the readers of The Sun.

"My monster ex beat me so hard I've lost all sensation in my hands and can't touch my kids"

DOMESTIC abuse victim Abi Blake was beaten so hard by her ex-partner that she has been left permanently disabled and can no longer touch her children. The mum-of-two, 42, thought she had found her happily ever after with Sebastian Swarmy but soon realised he had an evil side. Less than six months after he was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for carrying out a sustained and brutal attack on her whilst their baby slept in the very next room, Swarmy has been granted early release leaving Abi terrified and forced into hiding. Following his release she appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss her horrifying ordeal. Swarmy, 40, battered Abi from Knutsford, Cheshire, so badly he broke her neck and back - leaving her permanently disabled and unable to carry out basic everyday tasks, such as fastening her little boy’s sleepsuits or the buttons on her eldest son’s school shirts.

Petrified mum forced into hiding as her monster ex who beat her unconscious and left her disabled is released from prison after just six months

ABI Blake thought she'd found eternal happiness with Sebastian Swamy - but soon realised he had an evil side. Now, less than six months after he was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for carrying out a sustained and brutal attack on her whilst their baby slept in the very next room, Swamy has been granted early release due to a legal blunder and will be out next week.

Woman left disabled by her ex 'will go into hiding after jail release'

A woman stamped and 'squashed like a beetle' by her ex-boyfriend says she will go into hiding after he is released from prison after just six months. Sebastian Swamy, 40, kicked Abigail Blake, 42, to the ground in an alcohol-fuelled rage, stamping on her back and chest shouting: 'I've had enough of you - you need to shut up'. The mother-of-two was left with a severed spinal cord, punctured lung and unable to walk or pick up her toddler.

Boy, 16, stabbed to death for daring to confront bullies who stole his bike

A teenage boy was stabbed to death after finally standing up to bullies following years of torment. Daniel Jamieson, 16, was regularly kicked and punched by a group of boys who had previously stolen his brand new bike and attempted to set his hair alight. They then continued to goad him on Instagram, causing him to ‘snap’ and organise a fight with the ringleader. During the scuffle another boy armed with a seven-inch knife stabbed Daniel in the thigh, severing his femoral artery and causing h

'CONTROLLING MONSTER' Terrorised teen tells how she was raped aged 11 by predator, 25, who got her pregnant and stalked her outside school gates

A BRAVE teen has told how a sex beast raped her when she was just 11 - before stalking her outside the school gates and fitting her phone with a tracking device. Rachel Brown waived her anonymity after twisted HR manager Craig Knight was caged for 17 years following a sickening campaign of abuse. She told how vile Knight, then 25, repeatedly raped her after her dad died of cancer - and tried to force her to keep the baby when he got her pregnant aged 12. The perv was arrested after he attacked Rachel, now 18, at knifepoint when she started dating a classmate. He turned up at the lad's house with a bottle of petrol, flame-proof gloves, and a knife.

Victim speaks out after being raped, age 11, and miscarrying baby

A young woman who was raped aged 11 and fell pregnant has recounted how her abuser brainwashed her into trying to be a ‘proper family’. Rachel Brown, now 18, was abused for five years by Craig Knight then 25, after they met at a local youth club following the death of her father. By the age of 12 she fell pregnant but suffered a miscarriage, leading ‘controlling monster’ Knight to stalk her at school after installing a tracking device on her mobile.
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