Woman dials 999 while pretending to listen to music to escape partner

A battered girlfriend escaped her violent partner who tried to set her on fire by secretly dialling 999 as she pretended to listen to music, a court heard. Chloe Campbell, 20, directed police to her house by whispering into her earphone mic while walking through Rochdale, Greater Manchester with boyfriend Billy Walsh, 32. In her call to emergence services, she said: 'I can't say much but I'm being controlled by my boyfriend and I need help. I can direct you to our house, but I need to be careful."

Disabled woman made to leave Alton Towers rollercoaster by 'rude' staff

A woman has shared her anger after ‘rude’ staff at Alton Towers shouted ‘she can’t walk’ and turned her disabled sister away from a ride. Becky Cheetham, 28, paid £40 to visit the theme park with her girlfriend Lucy and sister Hannah, 30, who has cerebral palsy. In an open letter, she told how Hannah, described as being ‘the biggest adrenaline junkie’ couldn’t ride three of the park’s main attractions.

Woman slams Alton Towers after sister with cerebral palsy is 'removed' from ride

The sister of a woman with cerebral palsy has slammed Alton Towers for being “ignorant” after finding their park inaccessible. Becky Cheetham, 28, from Manchester, said that the employees were “rude and uninterested”, plus uninformed about disability access. The young woman’s sister, Hannah, 30, was “publicly removed” from one ride after being told she was breaking health and safety rules.

Lesbian couple slams Facebook after it bans video of them touching foreheads

A lesbian couple in the UK has slammed Facebook for rejecting a video they posted of themselves gently touching their foreheads for its “sexually explicit adult content,” according to a report. Singer-songwriter Sera Golding-Young, 36, and her wife Frankie, 32, posted the video as a sponsored ad for a new album – but it was banned under the social media giant’s “Objectionable Content” clause, which forbids nudity or sexual activity, Cavendish Press reported.

Facebook brand video of same-sex couple touching foreheads 'sexually explicit'

A SAME-SEX couple hit out at Facebook after a video of them gently touching foreheads was rejected as “sexually explicit adult content”. Singer-songwriter Sera Golding-Young, 36, and wife Frankie, 32, posted the clip as a sponsored advert for a new album. Sera, of Guildford, Surrey said: “When I saw the explanation I couldn’t believe my eyes. "Two women in love, resting foreheads together is romantic — not sexual.” She accused the social media giant of “silencing LGBTQ voices”.

Lesbian couple slam Facebook after video of touching heads was BANNED

A lesbian couple have condemned Facebook after a promotional advert showing their foreheads gently touching was rejected for being 'sexually explicit adult content' - while an image showing a heterosexual couple in the same pose was allowed. Musical duo Sera Golding-Young, 36, and her wife Frankie, 32, had posted a video to announce the release of a new album - and made a sponsored advertisement in a bid to reach fans.

Lesbian couple’s ‘romantic and beautiful’ Facebook post censored for ‘sexually explicit adult content’

Sarah Golding Young and her wife Frankie had a Facebook advert rejected (ACLU) A lesbian couple have claimed that a Facebook post that showed them gently leaning their heads against each other was censored for featuring “sexually explicit adult content”. Sera Golding-Young and her wife Frankie shared the image in a video promoting their new album, released under the name Unsung Lilly.

Video of lesbian couple touching heads rejected by Facebook as sexually explicit

A lesbian couple’s video was rejected by Facebook as “sexually explicit adult content” because it showed their foreheads touching. Singer songwriter Sera Golding-Young, 36, and wife Frankie, 32, had released the video to publicise a new album by their band Unsung Lily. But the film was banned under Facebook’s “Objectionable Content” rule which targets illicit images of nudity or sexual activity.

My jealous boyfriend beat me and tore out my hair and held me hostage after I went to the cops

WHEN Alice Wilson, 27, met Joseph Emery, she was smitten - but things quickly soured. Over the months to come he manipulated her, abused her colleagues and held her hostage for hours on end where he tore out her hair and beat her. He even sent her haunting messages threatening to stab her cat to death. Eventually, Alice reported him to the police but before they could he he pinned her down and the torrent of abuse began again.
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